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Wasp Control

Wasps are an invaluable garden insect.  They help pollenation of flowers, kill many other garden pests as during spring and early summer they feed mainly on protein.  Unfortunately they also are a pest to humans.

Wasps are attracted to sweet sticky things such as ice cream, buns and soft drinks.  It is sadly not uncommon for someone to die drinking from a can or bottle where a wasp is feeding.  Protecting themselves they sting the soft tissue at the back of the throat causing it to swell and choke off the airway.  This is apart from anaphylactic reactions to stings on other parts of the body.


Wasps also create fear in people.


With the thought of a wasp nest in their home, a lot of people understandably want the nests destroyed.  There is no need to remove the nest as it will not be re-occupied.


There are DIY treatments that homeowners can use against wasp nests however... you need to generally need to be up close to administer the poison.  Getting too close to a wasp nest means a very noisy and aggressive reaction.  Wasps will defend their nest at all costs.


If you are able to leave the nest undisturbed the nest will naturally die along with all the wasps inside in the autumn.  By this time a new queen will have left the nest ready to find a new home in the spring.