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Rodents account for the vast majority of pest problems throughout Bexley.

Rats and mice as well as spreading disease and parasites also bring about feelings of loathing and fear in many people. 

For more information please click the links here for Rats or here for Mice and Squirrels

Fact & Fiction.


Rats and mice do carry disease.
Rats & mice carry parasites.
Rats & mice leave trails of urine contsantly.
Rats & mice (especially mice) can climb well.
Rat urine is responsible for Weil's Disease.
Rats can become pregnant almost immediately after giving birth.
Rats & mice produce litters of 5-12 young at 3 months old.


Wild rats & mice are not cute & cuddly and certainly NOT pets. 
(Pet rats & mice are bred specially and can make good pets.)
Rats & mice prefer dirty conditions. 
(Rats & mice groom continuously and prefer to be clean.)
Mice cannot climb vertical walls. 
(They can and do climb up the sides of buildings.)

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