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Rat control

At Bexley Pest Control we know a thing or two about those not-so cute & cuddly rats.


If you have noticed a scurry of tiny feet, chewed packets, gnawed wood or plastic and droppings shaped like a large grain of rice then the chances are you're right, you almost certainly have a sewer rat.


Leaving trails of urine and droppings rats will also introduce diseases, fleas, ticks & lice into your property. 


A pair of rats will produce about 50,000 droppings and 1.5 gallons of urine which they will spread liberally around your property. 


Treatment usually involves 3 visits to ensure the rat infestation is over.


At Bexley Pest Control we will provide the best cost-effective service for you to rid your home or commercial property of these pests from providing advice, a full survey to find entry points and the best solution and a FREE written quote to carry out any work.

Types Of  Rat


Human contact with rats in the UK mainly centres around the far more numerous Brown or Sewer Rat. These will happily infest homes, offices, retail or warehouse premises as long as there are 3 basic requirements.  Food, shelter and water.


The far less common Black or Ship Rat can be identified by having a tail longer than it's head and body.  They are also more agile than the brown rat and tend to nest higher up in walls or ceilings.  The Black Rat's claim to fame is they are indirectly responsible for instances of Plague and The Black Death.  Black Rats are infested with fleas which carry the virus.  The virus is then passed to humans by these fleas.


There are many variations in colour so you cannot identify these rats by colour alone.  Call Bexley Pest Control Ltd for a permanent solution to your rat problem.


** Please note rats are intelligent and hardy.  Immediate resolution to your problem is not always possible.


Here you can see heavy staining on the walls where the filth on the rat's fur has marked the wall around the hole.