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If you have followed a link from the home page looking for control of;

  • Foxes
  • Moles
  • Rabbits

There are various reasons we aren't really able to help you.

We have listed some general advice here which may help.

Foxes - generally urban foxes cannot be controlled.  If a fox is causing an issue almost the only way to control the issue is by shooting or live trapping the animal.  Shooting isn't an option as there are so many restrictions on gun use in urban settings.  To trap a wild animal then transport it away from the area is immensely cruel as this will almost certainly cause a long, slow, lingering, death by starvation.
The best policy to prevent fox issues is to exclude the fox from your property ie consider fencing or do not allow food to be left in unsecure bins etc...

Moles - moles can be controlled by trapping. 

Rabbits - proofing your home against rabbits is almost certainly the best policy rather than trying to remove them.  To effectively control rabbits gassing and trapping are usually involved which may bring you into conflict with your neighbours.  Removing rabbits by means of ferrets or snares is an alternative approach.

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