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Carpet Beetles & Moths

Carpet Beetle and Moth larvae will happily munch away on your fabrics and soft furnishings.  The adults do not cause damage but they will leave their eggs secreted around your home.


After a short while, depending on the temperature, the eggs hatch and the larvae emerge to cause severe damage.


As these insect pupae are very small and like to live in dark secret places, unless you know what to look for the first thing you may notice, other than holes in your carpet or clothes, will be adult moths fluttering around the inside of your home or small beetles on your window sills.  Larvae of the carpet beetle are commonly called 'Wooly Bears'.

The adult carpet beetles look similar to small dark and white ladybirds.


You may notice other signs like spider-web like structures (called frass) amongst your clothes or small caterpillars in your carpet or in your cupboards.


 Adult clothes moths have a mettallic look to them but you will know you have these pests by the number suddenly being in your rooms that seem unlikely to all have come from outdoors.


It isn't easy to get rid of these animals without professioinal help as it is important to try to eliminate both the adults, larvae and eggs.

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