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Mouse Control

Mice can and will spread disease and parasites throughout your property.  It is important to find out how mice are gainling access, where they are making their nests and ensuring they don't come back.


Generally there is never simply one mouse. 


How do you know if you have mice???  Small dark grey pellets in your cupboards.... 


How do you know you have a lot of mice????  A distinct 'Pet Shop' smell.  It doesn't take long for a few mice to become a lot.


Mice become mature at 8-12 weeks.  After 17-20 days they will have litters of between 5-6 young which are weaned after 3 weeks.  These then go on to reproduce so one female mouse can, after a short period, become an infestation.  Treatment usually involves 3 or 4 visits as a minimum to ensure the mouse infestation is over.


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Mice are inquisitive by nature and will find plenty of space to run around and explore if you let them.


A pair of mice can produce 40,000 droppings and about 1 Ltr. (1.5 pints) of urine which they will deposit at their leisure around your property.  Mice are territorial and will mark everywhere they move with droppings and urine which they will happily leave anywhere and everywhere they go.  


If that isn't enough, wild mice are also infested with fleas and other parasites which will then almost certainly infest your property making it very important for health reasons to get rid of mice.