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Getting Rid Of Stored Product Insects (SPI's)

These are insects and other arthropods which infest bulk food stores, bakeries and shops etc and may be moths, beetles, weevils or mites.  Some may be primary pests, living inside the food or secondary pests living off either processed foods or areas associated with processed foods.

Depending on the food stored there may be any number of pests involved.

Only by correctly identifying the animal can we advise the correct treatment programme.  We aim to achieve 100% reduction in pests then a vigorous programme of monitoring.  With goods being received all the time it is almost inevitable pests will be brought into storage. 

 The moment pests reappear we will ensure they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

If you find insects infesting your products please contact us for a no obligation, and completely FREE survey in order to find out the extent and treatment programme for your pest.

If you have any concerns about pest issues large or small please contact us on 01322 308475