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Getting Rid Of Pharaoh Ants, Ghost Ants and other Tropical Ants.

These ants would normally not occupy a small residential building these animals may be small but cause enormous problems in hospitals, prisons or blocks of flats.

Being about only 2mm long they are able to squeeze into the smallest of gaps and build their nests in the most inaccessible of places.  The nest has several queens and, if the nest is disturbed through ineffective removal methods or simply just gets too big, a colony will split off from the main nest to infest a new site elsewhere.

The ability of the nest to bud or split off from the main site causes huge problems in pest control as, if 99% reduction occurs these ants will quickly re-collonise old areas and spread to new previously uninfected ones.

Tropical ants generally feed on anything and, because of their small size can survive on limited food supplies.

Tropical ants carry disease and, as they usually are found in hospitals and will gain access to almost anywhere this causes serious issues.

Control of these insects is possible however a systematic and thorough approach needs to be maintained throughout. 

Treatment for tropical ants will be neither short in duration or inexpensive.

Image of an ant colony

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