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Insect Pest Control

Insects & Beetles can be very troublesome pests. 

Some feed on us like fleas & bedbugs, others feed on our food like cockroaches, beetles & maggots.

Due to their small size they are able to hide in cracks, under floorboards, behind walls and in ceilings.  Bedbugs are often found hiding in electrical sockets and light switches.  Once an insect pest has gained entry they can be very hard to remove especially in the case of bedbugs.

You should be able to find the common insect pests here although if you can't find an insect pest listed and we can't readily identify it we are able to offer an identification service to our customers.

Common Pests

Bedbugs - a horrible insect emerging at night to feed off sleeping humans.

Carpet Beetles & Moths - these will happily eat away at your clothes, carpets or other fabrics in your home.

Cockroaches - these insects plague shops, offices & factories contaminating food wherever they crawl.

Fleas - normally cat fleas which cannot breed without feeding on cat blood but happily take a bite out if us.

Stored Product Insect Pests - these are many and varied infesting warehousing and shops mainly.

Wasps - these creatures are very good at removing other insect pests during the summer but...they also can be aggressive to humans.

If you have any concerns about pest issues large or small please contact us on 01322 308475