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Flea Control

The most commonly found pest to man is the Cat Flea. 


Cat Fleas are only able to produce viable young if they have fed on the blood of a cat.


As you may have guessed, fleas are not a discerning creature when it comes to mealtime snacking.  Fleas will happily bite humans, dogs & other animals alike but the cat is the key to the flea life-cycle.


Cat and dog fleas will infest the animal - generally cats & dogs but they aren't fussy and will take a bite out of anything warm blooded.  Your pet's bedding will be infested too.

Fleas will happily feed away sucking up blood from their host then drop off and lay eggs in your pet's bedding, carpets, bedclothes indeed anywhere your pet has been.


Treatment to remove all fleas normally involves a thorough treatment of pets by the owner followed by spraying the infected areas.  If pets have access to the whole property then this is the area needing to be sprayed.


Fish tanks need to be covered along with children's toys however once the spray is dry (usually within about 4 hours but may be longer depending on the weather conditions) it is safe for the occupiers to go home again.


If any areas are missed then re-infestation easily occurs making it hard to get rid of fleas without professional help.


Fleas have the ability to remain dormant for many months if there is nothing to feed on.  Within a few hours of the property being re-occupied the dormant fleas emerge to feast on you or your pets.