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Bedbug Control

Bedbugs are a truly horrible creature.  Evolved from plant sucking insects these tiny pests have made a big name for themselves due to their hardiness, ingenuity in secreting themselves and how they induce feelings of fear and loathing.


They are truly well adapted to their environment.  Sneaking out from their hiding place and homing in on sleeping humans bedbugs inject us with their mouthparts and silently bleed us dry.


Bedbugs can infest the cleanest homes and guest houses as they will often be carried in in suitcases from abroad or arrive as unwelcome guests in secondhand furniture.

In order to get rid of bedbugs the whole room when they have been discovered in needs to be taken apart before it is sprayed.


A rule of thumb is... if something the thicknesss of a piece of paper can be pushed in, bedbugs can hide.  This means removing electrical sockets and switches, taking all beds and all other furniture apart and pulling up fitted carpets at the edges to allow for full spraying to be effective.


Bedbugs and their eggs are incredibly resilient and only temperatures of 60C and above will kill them so curtains and bedding need to be washed at these temperatures and above.  Bedbugs can also survive a year without food so these make a very formiable pest.


Almost certainly between two or three visits are needed to control this pest as they are very hardy and almost impossible to get rid of these pests without professional help.